The details on Virgin Gorda

Brendan and I traveled to the British Virgin Islands in July and stayed on the island of Virgin Gorda. We decided on this location back in March due to its quiet and serene surroundings, and the resorts proximity to the beach.  When we arrived we were not disappointed.  

We first flew to San Juan on normal size commercial airliners.  Brendan then informed we would be boarding a 10 seat plane to Tortola.  I about tossed my cookies.  I didn't even think about the possibility that the plane might be a tiny puddle jumper, but really it was a first world problem and I needed to suck it up, take a shot of tequila and get on the tiny plane. 

The flight from San Juan to Tortola was quick and smooth.  Brendan kept saying "look at all the islands." I wasn't looking up from my book for a hot second or my breakfast was going to make a second appearance.  From Tortola we took a ferry to Virgin Gorda to our Resort, Little Dix Bay.  Once we arrived we sat back and relaxed for the next week.  

Arriving at Little Dix Bay.

Our rooms were situated among the trees and were 50 steps from the beach.  The hotel isn't equipped with TV's which was a welcome change for both Brendan and me.  We usually turn on the tv for noise and it was so nice to just have quiet for a week.  

Our vacation was spent laying on the beach, reading some good books, and enjoying some adult conversation that is a rarity at our house.  The views on Virgin Gorda were amazing, there really is no other way to describe them.  The resort was so quiet with very few people staying there and the ambiance just one of relaxation and serenity.  

One of the neat amenities was the beach drops.  The hotel would pack you a picnic lunch and drop you at an uninhabited beach for 2-4 hours.  You could swim, snorkel, each lunch and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  We did this 3 different times and enjoyed each drop equally.

Our first beach drop was to Mountain Trunk and the snorkeling was amazing.  I would say it was the best we saw on the island.  We had lunch, went snorkeling and read.  There was no breeze this day so we were ready to head back to the hotel.  I told Brendan I would vote myself off of survivor because being on an island with nothing I can't imagine going poop in a hole, being in the sun and heat for 24 hours and without shelter.  Good thing our boat came back for us.  

Brendan's selfie with a turtle.  

We did another beach drop to Great Dog and our last beach drop was to Spring Bay.  Spring bay is a popular spot for boats to drop anchor.  You can snorkel to The Baths from Spring Bay.  We did just that.  Snorkeled over to the baths, had lunch and explored the little nooks spring bay had to offer. The Baths are a natural granite rock formation that is indescribable.  You climb and crawl through these paths of rock formations all while wading through this pristine water.  It was amazing. 

The food we ate while in Virgin Gorda was spectacular.  We ate an obscene amount of lobster, Brendan all the fish was delicious and I devoured a few pasta dishes that were some of the best I have ever had.  We ate at Chez Bamboo and had a rib appetizer that was so good I wanted to lick the plate.  We then went to The Rock Cafe and I had a pasta dish that had enough bacon in it to make me feel like I was back home in Iowa.  Bacon and pasta together, a dish made in heaven.  We then went to the Bitter End Yacht Club and I had a pork dish and again it was great.  The Bitter End was pretty entertaining.  First we had to take a taxi to a water ferry.  We stopped to take pictures at an overlook.  We were overlooking Necker Island that's owned by Sir Richard Branson.  Our taxi driver then tells us he also bought the neighboring island.  Why not buy yourself another island?

We take the water ferry to the Bitter End Yacht Club, the food was great, it was an open air restaurant on this tiny little island.  It was amazing to see these enormous boats that I will never afford or even be able to afford the linens that are on the boat.  Apparently The Bitter End is well known in the yachting community, who knew?

Our last few days in Virgin Gorda we spent on the beach in our lounge chairs.  We tried paddle boarding and Brendan got the hang of it.  I however, failed miserably.  I had no idea how to reverse and ran in to a parked boat and fell off.  To make matters worse there was a boat full of people behind me watching the whole thing happen.  Brendan and I both got a good laugh and I stayed firmly planted on the beach after my crash and read my book.

After a week away from home we were ready to get home to the kids and Ruby.  Our trip home on the small plane was not nearly as smooth as on the way to Virgin Gorda, I had my head in a bag ready to toss my cookies, thankfully the pilot landed the plane just in time.  It really was a first world problem. I should have taken some motion sickness medicine, I hate to fly, especially on small planes.  We made it home in one piece and the kids were so excited to see us!  We would definitely go back to Virgin Gorda in the future.  Hope everyone has had a great week!  

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