About B&A

Brendan and I met in 2003 while attending the Univeristy of Iowa.  We met when we both worked at the local mall and he stole my parking spot.  We were married in 2006 and welcomed our first child Drew in 2010 and our second child Kate in 2012. After moving around in the midwest for a bit we now have made our home in Iowa, purchased our second house and couldn't be happier.
 This blog chronicals our life, our sweet puppy Ruby, our journey to Drew and Kate and everything and anything in between.

Vintage B & A circa 2004
Our wedding day
September 30, 2006

Our first family picture with our little girl Ruby

Our first family picture with Drew

Lord have mercy I am a hot mess in that picture!

Our first family picture with Kate

Drew 2.5 and Kate 5 months

Drew 3.5 and Kate 18 months

October 2013

Please feel free to contact me at abbyitheewed@yahoo.com if you have any questions.
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