Anniversary trip

Brendan and I were discussing what we were going to do with out stimulus check from the good ole federal government...Naturally our first thought was to put it away and put it towards a house once we finally have everything in order...Our minds quickly changed and we decided to splurge and go on a vacation for our second anniversary.

Last year we didn't really do anything because we were getting the house ready to sell and Brendan was studying. So this year we are going big or going home, literally! My thoughts, someplace like this: The jury's still out on Brendan...we'll see!!!


Leslie G said...

Go big and go to HAWAII!!

platinum blonde said...

YES definitely go on a trip! you deserve it!

Chelsea and Brian said...

Hey dear. Things are great. And yes it is FINALLY warm here! Yay. Love the new blog and congrats on the anniversary trip! That is amazing!!!!! Can't wait to hear where you're going.

Sea Squared said...

Fun! I love vacations! Let us know where you decide!

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