Girl's Weekend!!!

This past weekend I had 6 of my girlfriends from high school come into town for our first annual girl's weekend. We had an absolutely AMAZING time and these girls are wonderful friends!!!

On Friday night we hung out at the Trainwreck and my husband became a trainwreck if you ask me!! I stayed at my apartment and the gals went back to hotel, but ended up pounding on my door for beer at 2am!! Thanks gals, you're lucky I love you so much!

Hanging out with Melanie, she flew all the way from NYC!

Hanging out with my gal Jess
Amanda & Nicole sippin some drinks!
Martha & Michelle finally arrived safely after their 8 hour car ride!

B trying to dance with me!
Shots...great idea Amanda!!

The gals came over for beer and got bonus...pizza and me in my pj's!!

I am so excited to have been woken up for BEER! hehe! Lucky I love these gals! I think she was a little too excited about the pizza!

Saturday we headed down town to the Arch and the Brewery...We had a blast! My friends are all characters and make every event fun!! That's why I'm still friends with them!! I have a divine love for entertaining people and these gals fit the description to a T!!
Getting ready to go on the tram
Always the poser Jess!

Teeny tiny doors! Duck T!!

A wee bit scrunched in the tram car!

Eating lunch at Sage...yummy!

On the brewery tour

Saturday night we headed to HOME nightclub and this evening it was my turn to turn into a trainwreck! We had fun, danced, and do what we do best, make fools of ourselves!


Why we thought shots were a good idea, I have no clue!!
Getting a bit silly here! Shake it girls shake it!

Way early in the night!

Lettin loose!! We like to have fun!

Thumbs up girls!

Way too much fun!! It must have been something in the air!~

Nice hiney T!!
There is no explanation!
Good times!
Smile pretty!

Martha, shakin what her momma gave her!

Jessie still looking good!
No clue!
Looking good!
Sunday, everyone headed home and I layed on my couch all day! Sunday is the day of rest you know!! All in all we had a blast and I can't wait to do it again next year! Love you girls! XXOO


Anonymous said...

Ack! The Arch trams! Those things are so scary. But I do love Sage. ;)

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oh my gosh! It looks like you had a great time! Love the pink boxers lol.

Leslie G said...

Looks like you had a great time!

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