What I am excited for this fall.....

I can't tell you how excited I am getting for fall! I love being able to wear jeans, layer my sweaters and throw on my favorite boots with some tights and a chic dress! Brendan and I are also avid Iowa football fans and love tailgating! We are also getting ready for the big move back to Iowa this fall....it's coming up way too quickly! Lastly, Brendan and I will celebrate 2 wonderful years together on September 30th!!! Time flies when you're having fun! I've thrown in some pictures that remind me of fall.....I can't wait! Happy Friday!

I love this sweater! I would look fab with a long sleeved shirt layered under it!I love wearing jeans, especially dark trouser jeans!!!

This picture is what I imagine my fall looking like!

We are getting "new" furniture for our guest bedroom! We got some furniture from a family member and it's a lovely 80's style stain and my mom and stepdad said that they would like to have it refinished for us as a house warming gift!! WOOHOO!!

We love tailgaiting....what can I say! That's not Brendan, it's my brother!
We get to celebrate 2 wonderful years of marriage together! It seems like it was just yesterday that this day happened!

I hope we are a little more organized than this! We also don't own a large blue bird!


mrs.leah.maria said...

Seriously, fall is the most glorious season! You'll have so much fun back in IA!

Vintage Gal said...

reading this makes me excited for fall too! -whatwedding/marialena

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