My DIY project

This week I don't have a jobby job yet and B and I needed a headboard! I found what I thought was a simple and easy solution, not to mention a cost effective solution to our headboard problem, an upholstered headboard! My mother in law came down to our new town home on Sunday evening and Monday we conqured the upholstered headboard!

I purchased foam from a fabric store in the dimensions of 24X84. This is for a king bed, so if you are making one for a smaller bed, make sure to measure your matress and extend two inches each way!

I then attached the foam to a piece of plywood, cut to the dimensions mentioned above with a hot glue gun. Let this dry for a few minutes.

I bought 3 and a 1/3 yards for upholstry fabric. I found a remanant for $8.00 a yard. This was about double the amount of fabric I actually needed!

I wrapped the fabric around the plywood and used a staple gun to attach it. I wrapped the corners like a burito to make sure they would lay flat

I tapped the staples with a hammer to ensure they would hold

The finished product, not hung

Hung on the wall! We hung it will two picutre hanging hooks to the back od the plywood and them used a picture hanger to attach it to the wall. We hung it 49 and a half inches from the ceiling and it over lapped the matress by 3 inches. Make sure to use a larger nail when hanging the picture hanger in the wall.


Anonymous said...

It looks great Abby! Good job. ;)

mrs.leah.maria said...

I love love love it!

Lori said...

That looks great! Nice job!

Sea-Squared said...

Love it! Looks great girl!

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