Thanks Cora Grace!

The other weekend my grandparents called and said that they had something for B and myself. I had no clue what it could be! They said they would drop it by....I thought maybe a bread box, maybe a cookbook. No and no! It was a beautiful glass Christmas tree that my Great-Grandmother made in ceramics class a long while ago.

I love keeping things in the family and having pieces around my house that remind me of my family members past and present! The tree is now in our guest bedroom....Fits the green and white decor perfectly!!

Oh and to make sense of the title of this post, my Great-grandmothers name was Cora Grace. I love the name of rour future daughter, I mean in like 10 years....B still isn't sold on the name!


mrs.leah.maria said...

Tony's grandma's name is Stella and he also isn't sold on using it lol.

It is a beautiful gift!

ck715 said...

What a very thoughtful gift from your grandmother! I love stuff that is pasted down like that. I have the same tree in different colors that was in my parents house growing up and now resides in my son's room during christmas.
PS. . I love the name, we are thinking about Grace for our future DD due in May!
happy holidays

Dunc said...

That's so sweet - isn't it so much better to have items with a history and meaning? Beautiful tree (and I love the name Cora Grace :-)

Lori (MrsB1021) said...

Cora Grace is a beautiful name. And the tree is very pretty...it's nice that you can keep it in the family.

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