I'm armed and dangerous

One of my new years resolutions was to get our household really, really organized. For Christmas I got a kick arss label maker from my brother in law and now I'm on my way! I've had some of these from Bed Bath and Bayond for quite a while but they haven't been used to their full potential.

Last night I started the organization process with our linen closet in our guest bathroom. Well all was fine and dandy until around 10pm we heard a big crash, boom, bang. B and I got out of our comfy warm bed and strated to lurk around to find out what happened. Well come to find out the second shelf in our linen closet had fallen down. Now remember we rent and so the shelving unit was not the best around, it was simply wire shelving with plastic hooks holding it up. Needless to say B has a project this weekend and I am going to continue on my mission of operation organization. Say that fast 10 times. Anyway I will take pictures and post them later on. As for now, I am armed with my label maker and on a mission!! Look out B and Ruby, I'm on a mission, be careful or just might label the two of you!


kari said...

I love those baskets. If I could every single closet would be filled with them, except Tom said I couldn't buy anymore! ;)

platinum blonde said...

The Feb issue of Dominio magazine has some great tips/ideas for labeling & organizing :)

Mrs. McB said...

Great idea! I have been in organization mode for awhile! :) Good luck and can't wait to see the pics.

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