What can I say our photog rocked!

So after 2.5 years I got news that our photog Patti won an award Photographer of the year. Well low and behold, who was in her submissions for the award.....B &A. She submitted our wedding book and she won! What can I say she rocks! The day of our wedding she took over 2000 pics and we couldn't have been happier. She captured some of the most amazing shots capturing each emotion of the day. Here is the link to her blog and here are a few samples of her amazing work!

Congratulations Patti! You're so talented, we were lucky to have you on our very special day!

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patricia said...

Hi Abby! I just read your comment on my blog which led me here to yours and then to see this post? wow, I'm smiling right now, you are so sweet!
Amy and I were just visiting the other day about you, B and your new precious baby! what a beautiful gift... isn't being a mom like...the best thing EVER? I'm so happy for you.. enjoy!!

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