How I love blogging

Since I began blogging I have loved reading about people's lives and I have discovered some great finds on Etsy. Today I think I may have found my favorite!!! I was reading one of my daily reads Life in the Fun Lane and I came across a link to My Sweet Savannah, well she has an Etsy store so I had to check it out. Low and behold, I am in love!
I love the style of things at Anthropolgie, but my hubby and our check book do not. Well Melanie's Etsy store had the perfect little pot/planter for me! At only $6.00 I couldn't resist! Check out Melanie's Etsy store HERE. I think I may just order a few more for some upcoming birthdays. Thanks Holly for finding this great blog and etsy store! So here is the pot/planter I am now proud new owner of!

Aren't they just too cute for words? I got one in the first letter of our last name. I think I am going to put all of our pens and pencils in it on our long table in the kitchen. Right now it's a catch all for paper, pencils, and pens.


Beth Ann said...

I came across that blog a while back and love her Etsy store! She always has such neat ideas.

Leslie G said...

Do you have an Ikea near you? I got those exact same planters for 49 cents there. 49 cents!! They didn't have the cute little letters on them, but you learn how and give them as gifts. They are very cute, though, and it's always nice to support someone who makes things like that!

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