Birthday wish list

Over the summer I will be celebrating entering into my late 20's. Scary I know! On July 8th I will be turning 27. With the day being less than a month away I've had a few people ask me what I would like. Here are a few items that are currently on my wish list, hint, hint, B!!!

First these baskets from Crate and Barrel. We have a few from when we got married and I still love them to store blankets, books, Ruby's toys, etc in. Click here to see the basket.

I love these, simples, chic yet classic. Also from C&B.

White shift dress from Banana Republic. It's linen so very cool for those hot summer days!

I have a slight obbsession with Kate Spade, have since college. I love the simple, and chic look of her products!!! I love this organizer, maybe it could keep me on my toes! Between work, my wedding planning side business and our busy summer, I need something!

Oh, and don' forget cake, if anything, that's what I would like the most!! A nice chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream!!!


Abbie said...

My birthday is July 11th! Two Abbie's (or Abby in your case) born in the same month! :)

I have NO IDEA what I want for my birthday. I do know that we are going to The Melting Pot on my bday! :)

Mrs. McB said...

Great wish list! I love the dress. :)

Dunc said...

I just tried that dress on yesterday! It was super cute, but way too short for me - I don't know what my problem was.....or maybe it's because I don't like my legs, lol :-)

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