Office decor

My office at work has a lot to be desired.... It really does! So as I am off this summer I am trying to find things that I could do to warm it up a bit! Now I will never get passed the light brick walls and dark carpet or ghetto desk, but I think I can spice it up a bit. My actual office is pretty dreary and has little to now windows, yet another obstacle!

So here's my plan....First I have a huge bulletin board that is directly behind my desk. I think I have decided to cover the bulletin board with some wallpaper. Not actually apply it to the bulletin board but to give the bulletin board a neutral palette. Then I am going to paint some frames and hang my favorite pictures to admire during my work days.

I even like the blue palette of the wall behind.
I'm thinking something similar to Holly's beautiful creation! Check out Holly's blog, it's FABULOUS!

Here are the images I am thinking of using. I think I will turn all of the black and white....

So what do you think....yah or nay!!!


julie said...

Definitely! I love photos when they are black and white- great idea!

Holly and Sean said...

Great pics Abby! It will all look great. Can't wait to see what wall paper you chose!

Kayla said...

Great idea! I think it will look great!

Lacey said...

I think it sounds great. I'm working on my office at home and I know it's hard to do. It will probably make you happier at work! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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