A $2.50 find

A few weeks ago I was out shopping at Hobby Lobby when I came across this little diamond in the rough. It was on the 70% off aisle and after that it was another 30% off or something crazy like that. So it was practically free! It originally started at $24.99 and when it caught my eye the price was right at $2.50.
I immediately thought it would look great in a white/creamish color. I got it home and it sat in my garage for about two weeks, then today I started and finished this little gem! \
Before, not digging all the gold

After, after a quick coat of spray paint and a little sanding before and after.

In total I've spent $4.00 on thei project.  Not to shabby if you ask me!

1 comment:

East Coast Suburbanite said...

Great find and great job. It's really amazing what a little creativity and a can of spray paint can do.

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