Pregnancy weeks 13-15

Nothing much to report about the pregnany these past weeks.  I have been feeling like I have a ton more energy!  Food is strating to sound better and I might be able to actually eat a cheeseburger one of these days.  We had our 16 week appointment and the doctor heard a strong heart beat very easily with the doppler.  It was 150bpm and the doctor thinks it's a boy, I am positive it's a boy and B also concurs with us! 
  We have our 20 week anatomy scan in 4 weeks and we are staying team green.  As in we are waiting until the birth to find out the sex of half-pint.  Most people are supportive of ths decision but we've had a couple of people voice their distaste for this decision....Oh well, this is a very important detail to B and I am fine with that!  

As for names....sorry we will not be sharing!  We have a girl's name we both like, but as for boys, we are totally lost!  Any suggestions, we only have about 3 name books and one says it has over 100,000 names...you would think we should be able to decide.  Thankfully we have some time! 

Here are belly pics from 13 weeks and 16 weeks.

13 weeks

16 weeks


East Coast Suburbanite said...

Congrats. We did the same thing with our first...we didn't find out or tell anyone any names we picked out. It was so much fun not knowing even if alot of our parents generation seemed to be disappointed with this decision. Most of it was just that fact that they wanted to buy boy or girl clothes/things before the baby was born. We named our son Braeden (Braedy) Robert. It was the only name we could both agree on for a boy.We just had a girl (Grace Ann) and found out ahead of time which was also fun but I'm glad we didn't with our first. It's all so magical. Wishing you much joy and happiness.
Fellow nestie..ck715

Meredith said...

I was positive that I was having a boy too, and also had a heartbeat of 150 or less at all my early ultrasounds, but the 20 week ultrasound said girl!

For boys names, we are traditional, but love the names Nolan, Caleb, and Logan.

Anonymous said...

what kind of boys names do you like? classic, modern, unique?

here are some off of the top of my head:


do you like any of these?

Karen said...

You look adorable!!!! I loved the 13 weeks mark when you start to feel like yourself again.


Dunc said...

Abby, you look so cute! I'm so happy for you :-)

julie said...

First of all, you look great! Secondly, I think it's awesome that people would want to keep the sex a secret but there was no way I could have waited. I can see both sides! Enjoy the surprise! Brayden was our top name and his middle name, Kristopher, is my brother's name. Other boy names we considered were Max, Gavin, and Drew. For girls, I love Kenley (from Project Runway), Charlotte, Grace, and Addison.

Angie said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and I am recently prego too, today I'm at 16 weeks. I love reading other people's blogs who are going thru the same things.

platinum blonde said...

you have the cutest outfits in your pics abby. girl or boy i have no doubt they will be as stylin' as their madre!

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