28 weeks

My sincere apologises that I skipped weeks 26 and 27.  B and I have been traveling for the holidays and preparing to move which equals little time to blog in my life!  However, I did manage to take a pic today of moi at 28 weeks 2 days.
  First, my belly has grown a ton in the past two weeks.....could it be half-pint growing or could it be the Christams treats I ate....We may never know!  On Thursday I did have a minor set back, I failed my 1 hour gestational diabetes test....booo!!  You need a 135 to pass and I had a 140.  So I will now be begging my doctor to pass me on default that I had a large and in charge meal the night prior to the test.  If that doesn't work then I will be getting my finger pricked 4 different times and sitting in my clinic for 3 long hours!  It's not so much the time that gets me, but the finger pricks....ouch, I am not a fan of needles, they may have to heavily sedate me during this 3 hours long period.
  I have noticed a change in energy, as in I get super tired, very quickly.  Breathing is becoming a bit more of a task, especially while trying to put on my shoes and socks.  I can now see my belly move, and let me tell you, it is very strange.  I am having braxton hicks contrations and those although not painful, just weird. This week marks my last monthly appointments.  I now start to go to see my doctor every two weeks.  we're getting closer!!!

Please excuse me holding my sweater back.  You just couldn't get the full effect if it was in the way.


kari said...

I hope your doctor passed you Abby. You look great.

platinum blonde said...

You look fabulous. Congrats on the new house, hope everything is coming together nicely on that front! xoxo Melanie

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