Special gifts from Grandma

These past few weekends I have be honored to have two showers thrown in my honor.  With these special events has also come some time for reflection by me.  Mostly because my beloved grandma Estella would not be there.  She has always been a staple at special events and my mom's date when coming to a shower.  Back in October we lost her to cancer and ever since that day not having her here to meet half-pint has been weighing heavily on my heart. 

 Low and behold my mom has been able to make me feel the love my grandmother had for me although she is not able to be there physically, I have no question that she is watching over me and half-pint.  At my baby shower in Minneapolis my mom was wanting my niece Stella, who is named after my grandma to be able to give me something.  She thought a cute taggie blanket would be great.  She looked around for fabric that would be just perfect, and couldn't find anything.  Then it hit her.....she has kept my grandmas nightgown and robe and had been trying to figure out what to do with it since about Christmas.  Here is end result:
The front is made of material from her robe and the back her nightgown.
My mom then had labels made that say Made with love by Nanny.  Nanny is what all the grandkids call my mom.  My grandma always put a label on something she would make us that said Made with love by Grandma. 

At my second shower, it was actually quite hard for me to want to go.  Not because I didn't want a shower or feel very honored that people were hosting a celebration for my child, but because it was my family shower and I knew someone would be missing.  A little back log, when I was making the shower list, I even put my grandma on the list. 
My mom once again was able to make me feel very loved by my grandma.  Along with her monogrammed outfit she gave half-pint she gave me a blanket that was made by my grandma for me when I was born.  Since she is no longer here to make half-pint one, which she did for all the grandkids until she passed.  My mom went and found the blanket she had made for my mom when I was in utero.  Again, I cried like a baby.  I think half-pint will be wrapped in this blanket until he/she is 18 years old.  Just knowing that my grandma made this, makes me feel the love she had for me and has for half-pint.

Oh and there is a little teeny sneak peek of the crib!
Although I miss my grandma each and every day, I have never felt so loved by her!


MrsBro... said...

And now I'm in tears..What amazing and thoughtful gifts..

Anonymous said...

I totally bawled reading this. What awesome gifts and how thoughtful of your mom!

Mrs. McB said...

Now I am crying in the middle of work. What a wonderful and beautiful gift!! You are very lucky!

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