39 weeks

This Saturday I hit 39 weeks.  It's so surreal that within a week we are going to have a baby.  This past weekend Brendan and I went on a date night.  We figured this would be the last time for a date for a while, so we took advantage.  We stuffed ourselves at a great restaurant and enjoyed our last weekend as just the two of us.  We took Ruby over to hang out with her uncle Sparkie (my parents dog) and we had my mom snap a picture before our night out.

As for being 39 weeks pregnant not much has changed.  I am still exptrememly nervous to start medication on Monday to help to induce labor, but it's not a fear of actually having the baby or becoming a mom, it's the fear of the unknown.  I always thought my body would just know what to do when the time was right, and it still very well may know what to do, but with my health concerns we need to speed mother nature up a bit.  I'm nervous for the pain, the recovery, if I am going to be a good mom....There are so many more, I won't bore you. 
Other than that, no real changes. We did get a list of to do's done this weekend, so half-pint has the green light to go ahead and make his/her arrival!
I have scheduled some posts for this week, but obviously I will update when half-pint has arrived.  I also had my mom take my last belly pic.

Did I tell you how excited I am to be able to wear heels again!!  Oh happy day!


julie said...

You look wonderful! So glad you two were able to enjoy a night out. I was also induced, and it was slow going, but necessary! Don't worry- half pint will be here soon!! :)

Dunc said...

GL with everything!

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