Bits and pieces

-I'm still here, just trying to come up with intersting posts.

-Today we have our 37 week ultra sound to determine if induction will be needed due to fluid overload.

-I am currently already redecorating our livingroom.  Yep, we've lived here a month and I'm already not liking the color choices.

-We have our childbirth class this weekend and I don't want to go.  Ignorance is bliss to me in this situation and I'm already terrified as it is.

-My entire family has gone on vacation this winter, and I have not......I am seriously envious!

-I am waiting on curtains to be delivered from Bed, Bath and Beyond and then I may just call the nursery done.  I keep making changes and I am getting on my nerves!

With all that, have a wonderful day!

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MrsSouthernBelle said...

We skipped child birthing class and did just fine! Th dr and nurses tell you everything you need to know and what to do. Good luck!

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