Labor and delivery Day 1

I am going to have to do this post in 2 parts, just so you aren't stuck here on my little blog for an hour!  It really is that long. 

  It all started Thursday March 25th at 7:30am.  B and I arrived at the hospital, thought we may very well meet Half-pint later that day.  Our nurse got us settled in our room and got to interview part of labor and delivery.  About 3 minutes in another nurse steps in and tells my nurse to come and speak with her.  Our nurse Ashley comes back about 5 minutes later and says, they may send us home....Ummm, what, we've been planning this for over a week!  She said that she would tell them no, but they were very busy and didn't know if they would have enough staff.  Ok, seriously, if you were thinking about not inducing me, give me a call, don't let me come all the way in and get everything ready, for you to send me home. 

   The deciding factor was going to be some tests they were going to run.  My tests came back abnormal and suggested I was becoming pre-eclamptic, so we were staying.  We started pitocin about 9:00am, and I thought this is it.....maybe 12 hours later I would meet our baby. 
  Around noon my nurse checked me and to say the least my cervix did not want to be found.  I wasn't dilated but maybe a fingertip.  I started having back labor and it was tolerable at the time.  I was able to sit in a rocking chair for a bit and have an ice pack on my back, which helped a ton.  My mom, B and I were watching Oprah, Dr. Phil, and my mom's soap.  Which was a stitch in itself, I can't believe she watches it, but it's her thing!

At 4pm, my back labor was really starting to get uncomfortable.  I felt nothing in my belly, just in my lower back.  I was encouraged and thought I had to have progressed.  My nurse once again checked me and could not find my cervix.  She had to get another nurse, who was awful at internals and again couldn't find my cervix, but instead of just saying, I will have to doctor come in, she kept it up and it ended in me sobbing due to the pain.  I was no dilating or progressing....At this point I was starting to get frustrated, very frustrated.

  They then had an OB/GYN specialist come in around 6:30pm and he was AMAZING!  I have always had a woman for my OB, but he was so kind, knowledgeable and definitive that I would take him any day!  He came in, checked me once again and his comment, I think you're cervix is in Omaha at the moment.  WONDERFUL!  I was 1cm maybe 2cm.  Although I was so frustrated at this point, he gave me encouragement that they weren't going let me do this forever.   He said that we would turn off the pitocin for the evening, see if I would labor on my own and start again in the morning.  He told me to eat dinner, shower, relax and get some rest, I would be meeting my baby tomorrow. 

  That evening B stayed at the hospital with me.  We had the most amazing pepperoni pizza, salad and fountain coke.  It was divine, or I was just that starving it tasted that good!   I took a bath that night, I was moved to one of their birthing suites and it had a whirlpool tub...I was in heaven!  I was still having some back pain at the time and asked for some Tylenol for my headache and backache.  The night nurse got a wild hair and thought for sure I was dilating, she asked to check me.....seriously, I agreed and once again ended up in tears.  She couldn't find it....I thought, well I could have told you that, but it's like everyone that came into my room thought they could find my cervix....Sorry people it didn't want to be found!  B was not happy with this nurse and we agreed that the next day I would request that they only start internals when I was having regular contractions. 

  We went to bed that evening and prepared for the day ahead.....half-pint's birthday...or so we thought.

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julie said...

So sorry to hear about your internals! That is NOT fun at all. :(

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