Drew's 4 months old

As of Tuesday Drew was 4 months old. I can't believe our little man is already 4 months. Where has the time gone? He has changed our lives in so many ways, we feel so utterly blessed, I can't put it into words.

Onto Drew at 4 months. These days he is a rolling machine. He rolls everwhere and anywhere! He rolls from back to belly and then to his back again. He's not so fond of spending a lot of time in his tummy but that's improving.

Drew loves to hear his voice. He coo's and talks all the time. He makes some of the funniest sounds, you just have to laugh.

Drew is sleeping a little better but still not sleeping through the night. Baby steps people, baby steps. He does however nap like a champ!

His favorite toys still seem to be Mr. Cow, his lovie, Sophie and this random frog. He loves his playmat and has found a new interest in his exersaucer. He's also taken some interest in Ruby, our dog. He's been screaming everytime she comes in the room lately and gets this big smile when she sits by him. Apparently they've bonded.

Lastly, Drew still has little to no hair. The small amount that he does have is either so blond you can't see it or on the back of his head. Yep, my son is rocking the business in the front party in the back look.

Drew at 4 months

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