Hello my name is Drew

Before Drew was born we didn't if he was going to be a Drew or something else.  We went to take our maternity photos when I was 33 weeks along at our dear friend Amy's.  We had four names in mind at that time.  When I first arrived Brendan wasn't there yet and Amy came up with this idea that we have Brendan stop at the store pick up name tags and put each one of our four names on a name tag and put it on my belly. 
Now, we had not told anyone what names we were thinking of.  This was due to them all being family names and we didn't want to hurt any one's feelings if we didn't use a particular name.  Brendan arrived with the name tags and we took all four shots and to this day Amy is the only one that knows all four of our name selections.  The other three shots are stored in her super secrets photo vault never to be opened!

On to where we got Drew.  We honestly had not narrowed our name choices before I was induced.  B and I were sitting in the hospital room on Monday on the week I was induced when I had taken Cytotec to try and get labor going.  We finally decided that if the baby was a boy he was going to be Andrew Davis.  Remember, we still didn't know Drew was a Drew. 

So where did Andrew Davis come from?  Well there is a little bit of a back story to this one.  Andrew was Brendan's Papu or Greek Grandfather.  Andrew was actually Brendan's second Papu, both of Brendan's grandpa's passed away when B's mom was pregnant with him.  Within 14 days of each other.  Both of heart attacks in their 50's.  So B was born with two middle names each one of his grandfathers that had passed away when he was in utero.  B's Yia Yia, or Greek Grandmother remarried when B was about 5 to Andrew or Papu as we knew him.  Andrew was the only Grandfather Brendan ever knew and Brendan was very close with him.  Sadly Papu passed away in April of 2006 and was not able to make to see our wedding in September.  I was however able to get to know Andrew and he was such a wonderful man, and I am honored our son could carry on his name. 

Now why not Andy?  First, Andrew is a Greek name and Brendan being half Greek, we thought it fitting.  We also like traditional names, but like modern feels to names.  This may not make any sense, but it did to us.  So we opted to call Andrew, Drew instead of Andrew or Andy.  Obviously Andrew is his full legal name and he is free to go by whatever he may choose, but we liked the nickname and thought it was a modern twist on a traditional name.

Now on to Davis.  We were stumped on a middle name.  For weeks and weeks we pondered a middle name to go with Andrew.  We found ones we liked but were not family names and we really wanted to incorporate a name from each of our families.  Andrew being from B's family and the middle name being from my family.  Well, I have some great names on my side, just none that we thought meshed really well with Andrew.  Then one day I was looking at a wedding picture of my grandma Estella and I and I started thinking of her and then my great-grandparents Grace and Davis....Then it hit me...Davis.  Andrew Davis...I love it!  My next thought, I hope Brendan likes it!  He did in fact and it became one of our four choices.  Funny little tidbit, if I was a boy, I would have been names Davis. 

So after many weeks of deliberation and many names being thrown back and forth, we found a name that we love and one that incorporated both of our families and we couldn't think of one that fit our little boy any better. 

All pictures are credited to Amy Doerring of Amy Doerring Photography.  Check out her website HERE!

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