Feminist Mom: Raising a Son

When I first thought of a feminist mom, I thought nah, not me.  I'm not a man hater, burning my bra type of gal.  Then I did a little research about the latest women's movement and it seemed to really strike a cord with me.   I found a great article that really lays our in detail what the third movement is all about.  You can check it out HERE.
Now on to the guts of my post.  What can raising a son possibly have to do with me being a feminist?  So glad you asked, absolutely everything.  As of right now in our household I am out numbered by men 2 to 1.  Unless you count Ruby but she can't talk and has no girl parts, so we won't count her.  So as of now I am Drew's gateway to women.  I am his first impression of what a mom, wife, teacher and friend is and I plan on showing him that my role as those things goes far beyond the typical "womanly duties".   One of the biggest things I want to instill in Drew is that women are equals to him.  A girl can to do everything that he can.  Well they can't stand up to pee, but that's beside the point, but when he goes to school he should know that his female classmates shouldn't be left out of a football game because it's a boys game.  They are just as capable.  Nor should he shy away of playing on the monkey bars with the girls. 

When I first found out that we had a son I was overwhelmed with a number of emotions.  I wanted to teach him everything and anything I could.  I wanted him to be whatever he could, and I still do.  However, I now realize that one of the biggest values I want to teach him is equality in his marriage.  I want to give him a good example of what a equal marriage is.  That I'm not in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.  That I don't have to wait on my husband hand and foot.  We do it together.  We have a partnership because we look at each other as equals.  I want Drew to grow up in this environment so that when he enters into a relationship he can be equals with his partner.  If Drew's ambition in life is to be a stay at home Dad, more power to him.  My only request is that he gets an education first.  I would do the same for my daughter.  I want him to know that although I am staying at home right now, at one point I was in the workforce, I do have an education and am capable of providing for this family if need be.  I want him to see that women and men really can be equals.

The days of women being stuck in the kitchen for all 3 meals, rearing the children and catering to their husbands ever whim is outdated.  I think raising my son to realize this concept, his future wife will only thank me in the end.  I kid, I kid.  Raising my son to see that mom can go and do yard work and dad can cook and clean, can only benefit him in the end.  In raising my son, I can only do my best, and although I can't promise there won't be slip-ups along the way, I will do my best to make sure he is always well aware that he and his female counterparts come together on an equal playing field. 

Just for good measure, a picture of the little man.

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Melaina25 said...

There is so much misinformation around feminism, especially the whole bra burning myth!

I higly recommend "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women" by Susan Faludi!

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