My poor baby is sick

He started having a low grade fever Saturday evening, I thought for sure we were going to have his very first tooth pop through. I gave him some Tylenol and then around 12:30am all hell broke loose.
He woke up after having a bottle at 11:30pm and after I picked him up to rock him back to sleep he threw up everything he had. Poor guy. His fever has been going strong since then and has been as high as 102. He has not wanted much formula, has taken some pedialite and water. We've tried a couple of baths but really he just wants to be held and rocked.

We called the on called physician yesterday and he said keep him at home unless his fever hits 103 or he worsens.

Today we are going to see our doctor. Poor little guy also has a rash on his little chunky legs. I want to cry right along with him.

Seeing your child sick literally breaks your heart. Hopefully this won't last long!!

If you have any thoughts and prayers to spare we would greatly appreciate them for little Mr. Drew to get well very soon!!

So then he can get back to playing with his sidekick Ruby!

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Karen said...

Hi Abby, oh my, this sounds like what Jillian had all weekend too! I too thought it was teething, and then I thought maybe an ear infection. We went to the pediatrician today and she was diagnosed with Roseola (and an ear infection on top of it)! It's a virus that starts off as a high fever and then when the fever breaks, a rash occurs. Our doctor told us that we were the third baby that day that she had diagnosed and it was only 1pm. I wondering if that is what your little guy has. Poor thing, I can certainly relate!!!


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