My best friend's wedding

This past weekend I was blessed to be able to take part in my best friend's wedding.  She had asked me to stand up with her about a year and half ago and I was simply honored to be by her side on her wedding day.  Amanda and I have been friends since kindergarten.  We've shared every big event you could ever imagine, we danced together at the same dance school for over 15 years and we even were on the same relay team together when we won state in high school.  Amanda an I have shared so many wonderful memories and 4 years ago this month she stood by me as I married Brendan.  This past weekend was icing on the cake. 

The wedding started Friday morning with a beautiful bridal luncheon hosted by Amanda's aunts at Jasper Winery.  First, I love Jasper Winery because it's our friends that own it and we all know I love wine, and it was beautiful.  Amanda introduced each of one of us bridesmaids with a touching story and she made me tear up when she got to me.  We then moved on to rehearsal and then the fun began.  The rehearsal dinner was hosted by the groom's parents and it was simply FABULOUS!  Amanda and Chase, her now hubby decided to invite all out of town guests.  So the rehearsal dinner had 180 people at the function.  Let me tell you this event was outside at a historical mansion it was decked out, it was amazing.  I am in love with long tables and that is exactly what they had!  Take a look!

Me and the beautiful bride

Now just some fun ones of my friends and me.

So a little tidbit....At the end of the evening, all the groom's friends whom were standing up with him the next day were starting to give toasts.  No one and I mean no one was speaking in Amanda's honor.  I felt awful, someone needed to say something.  First, I hate public speaking. I can talk to brick wall one on one, but I hate public speaking.  I also wanted my best friend to be represented at her own rehearsal dinner.  So, in front of 180 people most of which were strangers, I got up and spoke and about how wonderful of a woman my friend Amanda is, how blessed I feel to have known her for so long, how I could tell the moment that she met Chase she felt complete and that I had no doubt in my mind that they will have a long life of love and happiness together. 
Although during my toast my palms were sweaty, I felt like I was going to pee my pants, I am so glad I did.  Both of the bride's parents along with a few of her aunts and uncles came up to me afterwards and thanked me, I knew then although I was nervous, it was the right thing to do. 
I will post pics from the big tomorrow of the next day.  They are sure to not disappoint.  It was a huge wedding.  The largest I've ever been to!  We had a blast and I had my makeup airbrushed.....LOVED IT!
Happy Monday!


Natalie said...

That was SO sweet of you to put your fear aside and give her a toast!

Also, LOVE your dress! It looks great on you!

Leah said...

Abby that is the sweetest thing that you stood up to speak! I can just imagine how you felt! Your friend is so lucky to have you!

CampDallas said...

What an awesome friend you are - and brave, too! BTW, that rehearsal dinner setting was amazing - I LOVE the tables! Makes me excited to see pics of the wedding day. Plus, I have to find out how you wore your hair! :-)

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