Our weekend in Chi-Town

This weekend we headed over to Chicago for an all adult family gathering. This means all 10 of us, parentals included got together for some fun and relaxing! Did I mention that we also got to meet my little sisters boy friend for the very first time! We also surprised my parents and flew in my brother and his girlfriend. Were they ever surprised!

We shopped, we ate, my step dad choked on his ribs at dinner and my brother in law had to perform the Heimlich on him to get the rib meat dislodged. He was just fine and then sat down and finished his meal. We made a stop at the Hancock tower or "Big John" as some refer to it. These are crappy cell phone pics, but you get thr idea!

Navy Pier

Chicago skyline

All in all a good weekend! Now it's back to the grind....

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