As I was driving home from work yesterday on my way to pick up Drew from daycare I started to think about what this time of year really means to me. I started thinking back at how far our lives have come in one short year and how blessed we've been along the way.

With this being Drew's first Christmas I find myself reflecting on the past year and all that we have cherished and been blessed with. I have a wonderful husband that is an amazing daddy to Drew and ever supportive of me. I have a healthy, happy and thriving baby boy that I love more and more each day. My amazing family that surprises me more each and every year. Really there is nothing more I could ever want! I am a very blessed gal.

As we embark on the week of Christmas may we remember the true meaning of Christmas blessings are not those of the material nature, but those that may be near you all year round. Take a moment today and reflect on those blessing that surround you and your loved ones.

May you have a very Merry and blessed Christmas. From our family to yours!

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