Christmas in pictures

Our Christmas started out with a trip to the doctor for moi.  I'm fine but was feeling pretty crappy Thursday and Friday.  My doc gave me some great antibiotics and I was feeling back to normal by Saturday to celebrate Drew's first Christmas. 

On Friday my parents brought Drew an early Christmas present, a sled, since it had snowed about 10 inches the night before they thought he should have it early.  We aren't celebrating with them until this upcoming weekend.  Drew loved the sled and it was nice outside so we took him to the end of our street where there is a teeny tiny little hill. 

Saturday morning we woke up and opened presents and let me tell you I've always loved Christmas, but being a parent was absolutely amazing.  I know Drew has no clue what Christmas is all about or that Santa visited him, but I loved seeing his face when he saw his new walker/dump truck!  His other presents, he liked the paper and boxes much more than the toys but now he's loving his new trucks, blocks, etc. Sorry the first pic is blurry.  I had my camera on a strange setting, but you get the idea.

His new dump truck that's a walker and he loves to ride on it.  He was even smart enough to put Scout, his little puppy in the bin of the dump truck and push him around, it really was too cute!

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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