I found myself some new docs

Doctors that is.  After having Drew over a year ago I experienced some pretty in my eyes major heart issues from pregnancy.  During my pregnancy I was diagnosed with SVT or Supraventricular Tachycardia.  At about 30 weeks along in my pregnancy I started having palpitations where my heart would race and I felt like I had run a marathon, yet I was sitting at my desk.  I promptly told my OB about it and she did an EKG and it came back abnormal.  I was then referred to a cardiologist who also did another EKG and decided the best course of action was to put me on a medication Labetelol.  The medication worked wonders and I felt much, much better. 

Going into my induction I was optimistic and thought my heart issues would not be an issue during delivery.  I was wrong, dead wrong.  During my c-section my resting heart rate was 160, and I was given adenosine, a medication that chemically stopped and restarted my heart.  The next day I was given an echo cardiogram, or basically an ultrasound of your heart.  Come to find out my aortic valve was leaking and dilating.  Mine was categorized as a severe leakage.  My then cardiologist said that his hope was that the leak would gradually fix itself and I would be good as new in a few months.  I then had a second echo and the leak was much better, categorized as a mild leakage.  After having this last echo I was still concerned as to how a seemingly healthy 28 year gets this, what led to this and why.  I didn't seem to get any answers from my then OB and felt like I was brushed off.  So this March I decided I was going to be proactive and find a new OB first, see what he/she thought and what would be the best course of action in making sure my heart and body was healthy for another pregnancy.  We are not trying to concieve or thinking about it right now, but again, just wanting to be proactive, I only have one heart. 

I found an OB through a larger hospital in a larger city nearby and I absolutely love him.  He reviewed all of my records, answered all of my questions, and was very proactive in ensuring my heart health prior to another pregnancy.  He then referred me to a different cardiologist, and said " He's the best".  I had my initial appointment with him yesterday and I was relieved.  I got the answers I needed.  I have a plan of action for my health and I feel like with both of these doctors caring for me, I will indeed have the best care possible. 

A few things from my cardio appointment that were very enlightening.  First, he said that my leakage will in fact never completely heal.  However, many, many people have mild leaks and live a healthy normal life, and have healthy normal pregnancies.  Second, after reviewing my records he in fact believes that me being on pitocin for my induction for such a long period of time, nearly 32 hours of pitocin and over 40 hours of fluids, did in fact contribute and cause my valve to leak and dilate.  Now, pitocin is very safe and this rarely happens.  It just so happens I had a heart condition with the SVT that along with my heart enlarging, and add in the pitocin, equals my valve getting in a tizzy. 

What frustrates me is that not one of my doctors at the hospital I delivered ever said anything in regard to this.  Or showed concern for me being on pitocin and having that much fluid for that amount of time.  Then after the fact, I have asked about a thousand times, did me being on pitocin that long have anything to do with my valve issue.  My previous OB reassured no.  Now my new cardiologist is saying absolutely, and it's caused permanent damage.  Thankfully, with my new cardiologist he assured me that he still thinks my leakage is a mild one, that I can have another healthy pregnancy, and he will be monitoring me throughout when that time comes. 

After finding these two new doctors I have such a sense of relief.  I feel like they will advocate for my health, and do what's in my best interest.  I have no ill will to the previous doctors I worked with, in fact they were great when push came to shove and Drew was in distress, and my health was worsening by the minute.  I just can't tell you the weight that has been lifted after finding these two doctors that have given me a new sense of hope and relief that I am in good hands.


Anonymous said...

Wow Abby! I'm so happy you have found out all the answers to your questions, and you have peace with this issue. How scary!!!


Mrs. Case said...

i dont comment often but i am a long-time reader.

i applaud you trying to remain calm and thankful that the situation turned out ok. i mean, truly, it is healthier to focus on the positive rather than dwell on what cant be changed.

but...that is such BS that they did permanent damage to your heart and could do it to someone else's, and never have to atone for their poor judgement. they are physicians who "practice" medicine but we are complete laymen. we have no one but them to rely on and i am so upset to hear they put you in such obvious risk. ugh.

glad youre ok.

Andrea said...

Abby I am so glad you found another doctor that would help you with your concerns. I was diagnosed with SVT when I was 10 and have had a pretty normal/healthy life. I know how scary it can be when your heart is racing and you are sitting still. Have you had an palpitations since having Drew?

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