Water table fun

This past weekend it was finally nice enough here in the frozen tundra of Iowa to be outside!! We thought it was a great opportunity to get out Drew's birthday gift, a water table. His auntie, uncle and cousins thought he would enjoy the table this summer and this weekend proved that.

We broke out the water table and Drew went to town! He had a blast!

On Sunday we got out his pool and the water was too cold for him to swim, but he played with his water table again. We then went inside and we were playing on the floor. He brings me one tennis shoe, and immediately starts jumping up and down and screaming. So I put his one lone shoe, just one... The child wanted to play in his swim outfit and one shoe?!? Who knows but as soon as that shoe was on, he was happy as a clam.

I always wonder what he's thinking... 1 shoe, swim trunks and swim shirt, why not!

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