Pay it forward

The other day I was very blessed to have a complete stranger go out of his way to help me. Drew and I ventured out to a local home improvement store to return two items that we had decided we would not keep. I'll paint the picture for you, it's over 100 degrees, I'm trying to load Drew, the huge canopy tent I'm returning and weights that go with in a cart. This very kind gentleman sees that I'm struggling because Drew at this point does not want to sit in the cart, rather he wants me to carry him. Ok, fine I'm going to have to make this work. As I'm sweating bullets, trying to push the cart with one hand and wrangle my squirmy worm of a toddler with the other, this gentleman comes up and starts pushing my cart for me. He said "Let me help you with that". I was stunned as this is not that common now a days and I graciously thanked him repeatedly as he walked with Drew and I up to the customer service desk. As he left, I thanked him again and told him to have a great day.
I think my shock from this kind person is a bit saddening, what has this world come to that we are shocked by someone helping another? I was so grateful for this man and how he helped me out. I wish I saw this happen more often in public. This instance makes me think about a show I once saw where they showed people in distressed situations, they showed how many people would just walk by and not help that person out and then commended the person that did show some compassion and help the person out. Now, I wasn't in distress, and could I have made it on my own, yes, but this man went out of his way to help me and my son, and to him I am ever so grateful.

My point of this post is two things, people are truly kind hearted and second to challenge my readers. I challenge you to go out of your way and help another person, or pay it forward. If we all do one small random act of kindness, think how many people's day we can effect in a positive manner!

Have a great week! Now go pay it forward!

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Leah said...

That is awesome! So glad he helped and that you shared.

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