Bad things happen in 3's right?

This week Brendan and I will once again be attending a funeral of someone who was very dear to both of us. My uncle passed away of cancer in the peaceful environment of hospice on Monday. This is now going to be 3 funerals in 1 month. It's not getting any easier. First was my very good friend's father, then our neighbor and now this. I'm starting to have a very hard time going into this same funeral home, all three have been at the same one.
My uncle was a kind and selfless man, he gave the best hugs and he will be greatly missed. He was such gentle man and I can't imagine him not here. He called me on my birthday July 8th and I'm kicking myself that I missed the call, when I called back they were eating dinner, and I only spoke to my aunt.
Death is such a hard thing to deal with, and all three of these have weighed heavily on my heart. I ache for the families and my aunt, I wish they all hadn't been taken from us. All three were very fast and unexpected. My uncle was diagnosed with cancer 5 weeks ago.
It does make me realize that we need to appreciate the blessings we are given daily, and tell those we love, just that always!
Bad things happen in 3's right? I don't know if my heart can handle another death anytime soon.

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