14 weeks

Not too terribly much to report. My nausea and food aversions have seemed to go away, my sleeping is divine, although I usually am in bed at 8:30pm, no joke! I'm still pretty tired most of the time but I really think it's a combo of pregnancy and chasing after Drew. All in all everything is going very well, I feel very blessed to have has a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far. Here's my lovely self portrait in our guest bath mirror. Tilted and all. A career in photography is not in my near future.

One thing about this pregnancy has been how tired I've been. I swear I've turned into a lazy sloth! The other day I picked Drew up from Day Care at 11:30, we came home like usual, played a bit and then it was time for his nap. I put him down and decide I want Mac n cheese for lunch, however I thought 10 minutes to make a meal would take too much effort.... So I set my sights on Raisin Bran cereal. However, after pouring the cereal I realize that the skim milk wasn't open and yet again would take too much effort, so I opt for Drew's whole milk, because it was open... Seriously what have I turned into?!?!?

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A Mother's Thoughts said...

You look great!! Let the second trimester begin!!


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