What Drew's been up to

Drew is now 18 months along, I'm in denial! He is now a walking/running toddler, and is into everything. I mean everything. He is so full of energy and loves to climb, roll, tumble and wrestle. This has been such a fun age for Brendan and me as he just keeps us laughing daily and is so fun to be with.

Drew's speech has really taken off these past few months, he talks all the time and is able to tell us what he wants, milk, night night, mr. cow, eat, you get the point. There are some funny moments where Brendan and I do a double take, for instance when Drew says "shoes" it doesn't quite sound like shoes, rather it resembles another 4 letter word that starts with an S and ends in a T. Drew has developed a LOVE for the word "no", I have no idea where he got that from.... I'll say "Drew it's time to go inside". He'll reply "no, no, no". Or just randomly start walking around saying no. I never said my child made sense all the time, he does make me laugh!

These past few weeks Drew no longer prefers to walk, he runs, and frequently runs into things. It's almost as though he isn't looking where he's running. He hasn't hurt himself, or is he putting himself in danger, but man that couch gets in his way a lot. He also loves to try and out run us when we're outside. He takes off and wants us to chase him, all the while he's this belly laugh, it's pretty cute if I may say so.

Drew is still not the hugest eater on the block but he's getting better. He's taken a liking to pork lately, and turkey meatballs. He has liked them for a while now, but just this last time we had them he gobbled them up like they were going out of style. He still loves fruit just will not touch a veggie to save his life. I've started to puree veggies and put them in taco meat, or the turkey meatballs. He never even had a clue that he was eating squash with his meatballs. I also chop up veggies in my food processor and put them in his eggs, he still loves his eggs, even with the little green specks in them.

Drew is still sleeping through the night. He goes to bed around 7pm and gets up each morning at 5:30 or 6am. every now and again he will wake up and need his paci to be replaced. He loses it during the night and it falls out of the crib, we don't have a bumper. So we oblige and go give him another one. Speaking of paci's we are currently trying to ditch them. He now only gets it to sleep, and let me tell you that first day, he was not a happy camper, but from then on, it's been smooth sailing. Now, anyone know how to ditch them at night without him screaming for hours on end. My child is a warrior and will scream for hours if we'd let him.

Other than that, Drew is growing too fast for us to handle. Where did my little wee babe go?

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