24/25 weeks

I thought I would smash these two weeks together because I'm way behind on my weekly updates and there's honestly not much to update. Over Christmas I surpassed viability day which is an awesome feeling, but knowing the risks of pre-term birth obviously we want Peanut to stay cooking. Peanut's hands and legs are starting to grow to birth weight these two weeks and I have to say I can tell, this child may very well come out ready to hit the soccer field, Peanut has one mean kick.
These past few weeks I feel like I'm starting to slow down a bit, it takes me a little longer to get up from a sitting position and my sleep is more disrupted because I'm uncomfortable. I did expect all of this, just forgot what it really feels like. I also feel like my face, hands and feet have started to swell. This makes me a little nervous as this was the first sign of my heart issues when I was pregnant with Drew. If it gets worse I'll be visiting my cardiologist in a quick minute.

We are also starting to move Drew's room to our guest room, which means we are starting to think about the nursery. I found this beautiful bumper on Etsy, but was not digging the price so my mom is making me one. We went shopping last week and found some material that I think will be awesome! I'm going with gray, white and yellow for the nursery this time around. Drew's nursery was very neutral, I loved it but just wanted a bit of change this time around.

As far as Drew's room, we've decided on a gray color, medium gray is how I would describe it.  Then we'll be doing this plaid bedding I ordered from Amazon with red accents.  We've painted his twin bed black and his dresser is black as well, surprise, surprise more black furniture in our house. 

In other DIY news, our dry wall for the basement is being delivered today.  We're getting closer! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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aliciamarie911 said...

You are so stinking cute! Hoe exciting that you're getting the nursery ready! What fun!

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