26 weeks

This past Saturday I actually hit 27 weeks, hello third trimester! Where have these weeks gone? I'm seriously in awe that I'm rounding 3rd base and on the home stretch.

Everything is going well, my heart is staying in check and has been on its best behavior. I'm starting to feel like I'm moving a little slower than normal, but that's to be expected.

Drew is now starting to understand what's going on, well maybe. I'll point to my belly and ask "Drew what's in here"? He'll say "baby". He also got a little boy baby for Christmas and he's a whizz at walking the baby and stroller around, well that is until an unforeseen wall jumps out at him.

Other than that, not much going
on around these parts in regards to pregnancy and Peanut.

In the Drew front lately he's developed quite the hilarious personality. Whenever he's in his chair he sits in to eat, he puts his arms on the back of the chair and just talks like he's chatting about the days events. It's his suave demeanor.

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Kismet21 said...

You look fab my lady.

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