Back to the grind

On August 20th we started on our new journey of me returning to work after a blissful four month maternity leave. I cannot tell you how utterly blessed I feel to have had this precious time with Drew and especially with Kate. Having this extended time has been absolutely amazing and we've had a wonderful summer enjoying the outdoors, going to play dates and I was able to do a wonderful bible study with an awesome group of women.

Although I love being home I truly enjoy my work. I work at our local high school as the academic advisor and the best part, I work part-time. I go to work in the mornings and am home with the kids in the afternoons. Again, I feel so blessed to have great balance and a little bit of the working mom gig and a bit of the stay at home mom gig.

Our mornings now start bright and early at 5:30AM when I get up and start getting ready. By the time I'm out of the shower my early bird Drew has usually awoken and I go to get him from his room and am greeted with the most cheerful "hi mommy"! Best start to my day! Drew hangs out and had some milk while watching Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street, I slap some make up on and get my breakfast ready. By this time Brendan is getting up and getting ready and my little sleepy head Kate is usually still fast asleep. She is the total opposite of her brother.

By 7:20AM Kate is up having a bottle I am rushing out the door, Drew is munching on his breakfast and our whirlwind morning has once again gone as well as it could. Brendan takes the kiddos to our small in-home day care around 8AM, I work until noon and then pick them up and we all meet at home for the noon hour.

Going back to work has given me a greater appreciation for a schedule. I am not good when I'm home to set our own schedule. If we stay in our jammies until 10AM no biggie. Having me back at work really has me feeling more organized and more on top of our schedule as a family.

Kate seems to be thriving off the new schedule. The wee little peanut has decided to sleep through the night most nights and was so excited she went to day care when she got home after her first day she rolled over.

Drew is thrilled to be back with his friends daily and comes home each day talking about the train table and the beloved kitchen. He's also taken a liking to our day care providers tuna noodle casserole.... I may throw up. I hate tuna. More power to the little man!

All in all we had a great summer, but it's nice to be back, I feel I have a great balance, less sleep but good balance with life right now. It won't always go this smoothly, but I can only hope.

A post with no pictures is severely boring so here are the latest pics from our friend Amy Doerring.

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Wow this pictures are so gorgeous! I love them all. Very nice blog.

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