Kate 3 months

Kate is now 3 months old. How we got here already, I have no idea. I feel like it was last week that we were bringing home this 6lb. little lady.

Kate is now weighing 14lbs. I'm so happy she is gaining a bit more weight. When she had hand, foot and mouth disease she didn't eat for a few days and lost almost a pound. We went to her 2 month appointment and she was in the 5% for weight. Our pediatrician was a little concerned but really thought it was due to her illness and she would gain the weight back, and she has. She now fits into a few of her ├╝ber cute 6 month outfits that I bought her a few days after she was born.

This month Kate also started sleeping longer stretches and even slept through the night, for the babysitter, Hardy, har, har. She slept through the night twice while Brendan and I were on vacation, but has yet to do it again since we've been home. She does however sleep from 7:30/8pm-2am takes a 4oz. bottle and then sleeps again until 6/6:30am. For 3 months old I'd say that's pretty good.

Kate's naps are also becoming less frequent but longer. She now takes a morning nap from 8:30-10am and then an afternoon nap from 12-3pm. She'll then take a short cat nap around 5pm for 30 minutes and then head to bed around 7:30pm.

This month Kate has really become much more interactive with her toys on her play mat. She's now reaching for the toys and tries to put all of them in her mouth. She's also taken a liking to her taggie blanket that is made from my grandma's robe.

Time just seems to be flying by so much faster with the second child. Have you noticed this with your second kiddo?

Have a blessed week!

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