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  I feel like an awful parent. I've been updating lately, well lately being the last 5 months as to what Kate has been up to but have failed miserably to share hardly anything about our first born. COMPLETE AND UTTER MOM FAIL!!! Drew is now 2 and half year old, hold the phone I need a moment......Ok, now that I've swallowed that large pill I can go about my post. Holy buckets galore I have no clue how on earth Drew is that old, and how he has turned into this little man. He is a talking machine, as in says the funniest things, mimics everything, even things he shouldn't, or things we shouldn't have said. You get the idea. Thanks to one parent, who shall remain nameless Drew uttered a lovely four letter word that starts with an S and end with a T, you fill in the blanks. After this parent stubbed his toe and obviously lost his better judgement for a second, Drew then repeated him over and over and over again. We had to have a lovely talk that we don't say those kinds of words, again you get the idea. So far we haven't heard that lovely word again......

Drew is loving being back at day care each morning.  He is really starting to talk about his friends and what they do each day, what they have for lunch, and what his favorite part of his day was.  Each day we ask him what he has for lunch 99% of the time he says pizza.  It's hilarious because they have pizza on special occasions when there is a birthday or it's the last day of school but apparently everything is pizza to Drew.

Drew's really taken a liking to helping us cook lately.  He wants to help cook dinner almost every night and loves to help add ingredients or stir, he especially likes to watch things bake in the oven.  He loves to help Brendan cook french toast, which has now become Drew's new favorite food.  Now if I could only find a way to hide veggies in french toast we would be golden.

This picture melts my heart.  Drew is wearing my grandma's apron, Drew may have never met my grandma but she is with him.

Someone likes to lick the bowl as much as mommy does.

We recently had a few new professional pictures taken for the kids by our friend Amy Doerring and these are just a few of my favorites of Drew.

I love how Mr. Cow made an appearance.

Drew has always loved being outside, even as a baby when he was fussy if we took him outside he would immediately calm down.  This fall is no different he has enjoyed the warmer weather and this past weekend loved helping Brendan rake the leaves in our front yard and loved jumping in them.

Drew was given a race car for his 2nd birthday from my mom and step dad.  My mom asked me what I thought he would like for his birthday and I said a picnic table for the back yard.  You know one of those small ones for kids so we could have lunch in the backyard this past summer.  My mom said "oh great idea, we'll get him that".  Fast forward to Drew's party in March, we go out to the backyard and here sits this race car with a large red bow on it.  Not to mention it looks like Frencesco Bernoulli from the Cars 2 movie. Drew was wide-eyed in amazement and in love!  My mom and step dad said they went to get the picnic table and saw this and just couldn't resist.  Drew loves the race car, and we got him the boring picnic table for his birthday....

He absolutely loves driving this car he knows how to flip that thing into reverse and back down the sidewalk then turn around in the driveway to go the other way on the sidewalk.  Toddlers, they amaze me! 

We've had so much fun with Drew lately.  Last weekend we took him to the local Science Center and he had an absolute blast!  This upcoming weekend we are going to an apple orchard to pick apples and enjoy the activities they have there.  He's just at such a fun age.  I can't pick out one specific thing, it just a fun age.  He also just adores his sister.  People have asked me if he's been jealous or his behavior has changed since Kate's arrival and really it hasn't.  He has dealt with Kate coming into our family with flying colors.  He loves his sister and wants to play with her, and hug her, kiss her and hold her.  The other night she was fussy during dinner and Brendan told me he would get her.  I said " no that's fine, I'll get her".  Drew pipes up " I'll take her mommy".  Gah, if that doesn't fill your heart I don't know what will.  He loves to help make her bottles and now that she is eating solids he likes to help feed her.  He always wants to know where she is and gets upset if he doesn't know where she's at.  Control freak in the making?  Maybe a little type A like his momma?  Perhaps.

My heart is so full from this little boy and his hugs and kisses.  He is so kind and sweet, he loves to give hugs and tell us he loves us.  Being a mom is not easy, it's the hardest job I've ever had but it is by far the most rewarding one I've ever had.

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Lisa said...

I can't believe how old he is! I remember when you were pregnant with him! Times have changed...

He looks adorable and he has such a little personality!

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