Kate 5 months

   Kate hit the 5 month mark on September 18th. This month we took Kate on her second long road trip when my brother got married in Milwaukee. Kate donned a fabulous dress that she has had since she was about 4 HOURS old. My family was a wee bit excited to have another girl after a six year lapse of girls.    Kate did great with the 5 hour car trip and the long weekend away.  We took a babysitter with us to the wedding and we are so thankful we did.  Kate and Drew were able to nap then come to cocktail hour and the reception with us.  The wedding was at noon and the reception started at 5pm so it worked out perfectly.  I was pleasantly surprised with how well she did during the whole trip. 

  Kate is also still pretty consistent on her sleep patterns this month.  She takes about an hour nap in the morning a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and a 30 minute nap in the late afternoon/early evening and then heads to bed around 7pm.  She wakes up once a night to eat and then wakes up around 6:30am for the day.  This month we also started solids and rice cereal was bust but veggies are a huge hit.  Kate seems to love carrots and green beans.  She loves to eat compared to her brother, feeding Drew at this age was like pulling teeth and Kate couldn't be happier to down those veggies. 

  The exersaucer was a hit this month!  Kate is in love with that thing!  She squeals at all the sounds and buttons.  Drew is adorable when she's in it, he loves to take her fingers and help her press the buttons.  The kids have started interacting more with each other this month and it completely melts my heart.  When we took Kate's monthly picture Drew wanted to jump in with her.  He loves to hold her and when she wakes up from her naps and we say "Kate's awake"  he immediately offers "I'll get her".  He adores going in to her room when she's woken up and saying good morning Kater-pa-tater.  He's given her that nickname, and I have no clue where he got it but it's adorable.

  Both my younger sister who Kate is named after and my younger brother and his new wife met Kate for the first time this month.  My younger sister lives in London and she flew in for my brother's wedding.  I cried the first time she met Kate, to be able to name my child after someone who is so special to me is such a gift.  5 months has flown by, I know I say that all. the. time. but it truly has.  Where did my teeny 6lb babe go?
We are in trouble...



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