Our first 911 call

   Last night was a pretty darn low key night until around 7pm when Drew and Brendan were chasing each other around our kitchen island and I was rocking Kate to sleep in her room. All of the sudden I hear a huge thud and a blood curdling scream. Apparently Drew was chasing Brendan like they do all the time and he tripped and fell. Brendan quickly caught up to him and found Drew on his hands and knees. Brendan scooped Drew up to comfort him, this is when Drew screamed and this is when I walked out into the kitchen. Drew at this point was making no noise, his face turned ghost white, his lips turned blue, his head rolled back and his arms when limp and dangled over each side of Brendan.

    This by far has been the most horrifying and scary sight I have ever seen. Seeing my child not breathing and lifeless made absolutely terrified and I felt so helpless and yet at the same time I knew we were the ones the needed to help him. I kept thinking I was going to have to perform CPR on my child, and I wasn't sure if I could. Brendan laid Drew down on our kitchen rug and within seconds he started coming to. I told Brendan to call 911 to get an ambulance to our house immediately. As he's speaking with the dispatcher Drew started crying and the dispatcher said that was a good sign. We also called my older sister come and take Kate because I'm trying to hold on to her and console Drew while keeping him still. At this point Drew wouldn't move his right arm and shoulder. I was thinking he had broken his arm or separated his shoulder and the pain is what made him lose consciousness. There was no marks on him, nothing. The paramedics arrived within minutes at our house and checked our Drew and said his arm and shoulder looked fine but they were concerned with his loss of consciousness. They suggested that we take him to the ER instead of them strapping him down and taking him in the ambulance. So we loaded him up in his Mickey Mouse pajamas and headed to the ER. Thankfully my sister lives close and was able to stay at our house and put Kate to bed so both Brendan and I could go with Drew.

    At the ER we checked in and they were so kind and said they were expecting us. We hardly had to wait and the staff checked out Drew and the doctor decided he wanted to do a CAT scan to make sure his head was in fact OK. Drew did great through the scan. The tech let both Brendan and I come with Drew and stand right there holding his hands and talking to him through it. He was excited to get 4 Cars stickers afterwards. By this time you could start to see a knot developing on Drew's forehead where he must have smacked his head on our wood floor. Thankfully, the bump was protruding outward which made the doctor happy. Around 9:30pm we got the results of the scan which were all normal and we were able to go home. The doctor diagnosed Drew with a concussion and gave us instructions to wake him up every few hours and look for signs of his health declining. As we were leaving the nurse gave Drew a stuffed owl and you would have thought you gave that child a free trip to Disney World. She made his day! We went home and put him to bed. We were both so thankful that it wasn't anything worse than a concussion, and that Drew is OK. He woke up just fine throughout the night and woke up this morning just fine. He's said his head hurts a bit but other than that seems to be doing alright. He has been holding on to that owl for dear life and continues to yell WHOOOO WHOOOO. My sister asked what Drew would like for his birthday, I suggested a helmet.

  In all seriousness, I'm not sure the image of Drew limp and not breathing will ever leave my head, and I'm surprised I didn't cry at all last night. I didn't cry until I started writing this and the "what ifs" really hit me. Praise God that he was with my little boy. I now understand why parents have gray hair at such a young age.



Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

What a scare! Thank goodness your little man is a-ok!

Jill said...

Very scary. I guess you just snap into mama bear mode and react. Sounds like you did all the right things and I'm so glad that he's okay! I hope he continues to improve and the bump starts to go away! :)

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