Picking gourds and pumpkins

Fall in Iowa is absolutely beautiful.  It's one of the many reasons we love living here. I am so happy fall has arrived and this past weekend was one of my favorite events.   Our dear friends are so gracious and invite us to their annual gourd and pumpkin picking party each year.  

These gourds and pumpkins aren't just your run of the mill grocery store gourds and pumpkins.  There are so unusual and unique.  Not to mention the kids had a blast!  My favorite gourd by far was the green apple gourd that now sits atop my kitchen shelf.
Drew could have spent hours picking through the small gourds.  I swear he may grow up to be a farmer.  He even insisted on wearing his John Deere hat. 

These were the trailer of small gourds.  
Kate also had a great time.  Our friends grow baby gourds.  Kate fell in love with the teeny tiny baby gourds and took one home with her.
This year they had a new addition...Green pumpkins.  You better believe I jumped on that bandwagon.

How fun is the green pumpkin?  Today I'm getting out all my fall decorations.  I absolutely adore fall and all the activities our state has to offer.  We are so thankful we live in an area that we get to experience all four seasons.  This is just the beginning of the beautiful fall season. I can't wait for all that fall in Iowa has to offer.  

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