A Boston wedding

  On a beautiful weekend in October my baby sister got married to the most wonderful man.  My now brother in law is from just south of Boston and thus the scene of the blessed event.  The wedding is the culmination of two years of planning from across seas.  My sister started planning this day when they lived in London and her vision of a rustic barn wedding turned out more beautifully then anyone could have ever imagined.

After our family all arrived my older sister, sister in law and I hosted a bridal luncheon at The Scarlet Oak Tavern. We had about 15 women attend. It was a perfect kick off to the wedding weekend.
Our dear friends from Iowa traveled all the way to Boston.

We came up with a special hashtag for Karin.

My adorable niece and my little sister,  the bride.

The bridesmaids
 We had a great time hosting the bridal luncheon for Karin.  It was a small gathering of Karin's closest family and friends and a nice way to start off the wedding weekend.  Scarlet Oak's staff was great to work with and the food was delicious!  

That evening we headed to rehearsal at the church and the kids did great.  We don't have many pictures of Kate but she was present and did walk down the aisle with our niece.  Drew and our nephew were two of the ring bearers and they carried a sign made by my mom.  Again, they did a great job walking down the aisle. Drew took his job very seriously, he was leading the way for aunt Karin.

After rehearsal we headed over to the rehearsal dinner at Atlantica hosted by the groom's parents.  It was a beautiful restaurant right on Cohasset Harbor and the food was amazing.

After dinner and drinks we all headed home to our rental house and my sisters and I had our traditional night before the wedding sleep over.  Before each of our weddings we've all spent the night together.  This being the last and final sister to get married we had to have one final sleep over.  We gave Karin a little gift from her two older sisters, an ornament that was a chapel.  We hope that they can hang it on their Christmas tree each year and fondly remember their beautiful day.  
We woke up bright and early the next morning.  Hair and makeup started at 8AM.  Karin had us all going to a little salon called Dhalia's.  The name was fitting as it was my step dad's mother's name who passed away years ago.  

The ladies gathered for hair and makeup and the guys met for lunch and drinks.  After we were all done up it was time to get dressed and for pictures to start. Hair and makeup took a bit longer then we thought so we were in a bit of a rush but we made it.  My hair was not what I had imagined what so ever.  In fact it was done twice.  I was the first one to have it done since I have so much hair.  I got done and it was BAD, my little sister took one look at it and said "OH NO".  I told her it was no big deal, my older sister and I could fix it.  She talked to the gal who did my hair and asked her redo it in more a bun.  The first updo was let's just day a flat looking cinnamon bun type thing.  It was not so good.  Thankfully all turned out just fine and the second go around was what my little sister was envisioning and it stayed put all throughout the night.  The gal doing my hair was so kind and didn't mind at all.  Thankfully the situation was resolved and everything turned out just fine.

This is a horrible picture that I had Brendan snap with my phone while we were on the trolley but you get the idea.  It ended up super cute!

Time for some makeup touch ups.
Karin's beautiful dress.

Hanging on her Mrs. hanger we got for her.

All ready for the ceremony.

Karin and my momma. I may be biased but they are beautiful.  I may need to do a little explaining here.  Karin is actually my step sister.  However, I hate to call her or my brother, Scott this.  Our parents, Karin's dad and my mom were married when Karin was two years old, we have all grown up together as siblings and even though each of us has our respective biological parents that are very involved in our lives we are as close as siblings can get.  We may not share DNA but we have shared life, love and memories for 25 years. 
Our bond we share is immeasurable, and no one can take that away from us. OK, now back to the wedding.

Karin seeing her dad for the first time.

Now it was time to head to the church.  We rode on a trolley!

 When we arrived I was able to finally see the kids and Brendan.  They looked so darn cute in their wedding clothes.  The last time I had stopped by our rental house they were napping.  Our sitter and Brendan got them dressed and brought them to the church and props to them for getting Kate's bow straight and Drew's tux on correctly!! The ceremony was absolutely perfect and I cried like a baby when my kids came down the aisle and then Karin started down the aisle and I completely lost it.  I'm such a sap! 

After the ceremony we took a few pictures and then headed to the reception.  Karin and Nick had their reception at the Red Lion Inn.  It was AMAZING!  The barn that is attached to the Inn, there are no words, so rustic, so elegant, so different.  Cocktail hour was hosted for an hour while we took pictures and guests found their table numbers on vintage windows panes.

After cocktail hour was over guests made their way into the barn to their tables.  Brendan and Drew made the chalkboard table numbers. 

Karin used high and low centerpieces.  She also had a table with all of their families wedding pictures displayed on it. This was taken earlier in the day, there were more pictures added later.

Guests were directed where to find their tables in the barn by a chalkboard made by my mom.

My mom who we dubbed "Martha Stewart" also made Mr. & Mrs. signs for the back of Karin and Nick's chairs.  I took these in the morning before everything was set up.


 It was time for the wedding party and the new couple to be introduced!!!

After being introduced to their guests they immediately went in to their first dance as husband and wife.

Aren't my little brother and his wife the cutest?  We had so much fun all being together for the whole weekend!

 Of course I cried when Karin danced with my step dad.

 These two are the crazy kids who started this whole thing!  25 years ago they got together, who would have thought that our crazy family would be as close as we are.

This might be the sweetest moment of the entire wedding.  Our 89 year old grandfather flew all the way from Iowa to be with Karin and Nick on their wedding day.  He has now watched every one of his grandchildren get married.  If you look at the top of their wedding cake, that's the cake topper that he and our grandmother used at their wedding 70 years ago.  Our grandma passed away in 2010, but we all know she's watching over us and was there in spirit. 

 We danced the night away at the reception, their band was phenomenal!  Afterwards Nick and Karin hosted an after party in the Cave and served pizza and french fries, that was music to my ears!  

We had so much fun helping plan this beautiful event and were so honored that Nick and Karin asked our entire Family to be a part of the wedding. It honestly flew by in the blink of an eye.  I wish I had taken more pictures but thankfully their photographer was amazing and captured the day beautifully.  

Feel free to watch a slide show she put together for them.
Or her photographers blog post about their wedding.


Anonymous said...

Love the collection of your pictures.

Natalie said...

you're not the only sap! I got teary just reading this and I don't even know you guys...I'm blaming it on being 25 wks pregnant :)

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