Drew's first Christmas concert

Drew had his first Christmas concert a couple of weeks ago.  His preschool puts on the cutest little program for both the three and four year old classes.  Drew's three year old class has twenty four kids in it and they were all so dang cute it was so amazing to watch.  

Drew would come home in the weeks before and sing snippets of the songs but we were curious as to what Drew would really do when he got on stage when Friday morning arrived and the three year old class pranced on stage all dressed in their adorable Christmas clothes.  

When the concert started they started singing their first song and Drew was so animated and one of the loudest in the class.  Oh my goodness was he animated. I can't acurately describe how animated and into the songs he got.  Maybe we have a future theatre major on our hands.  He was smiling, singing and waving to all of us sitting at his table.  Both sets of my parents were able to attend and my older sister and my four year old nephew came to see him. The pictures honestly do not do this performance justice.

Saved the best for last...

Drew loves that he goes to school with his best friend, Ashlyn.  She is just the absolutely cutest thing ever!

Both sets of my parents were able to attend.  My dad and stepmom were back for Christmas from South Carolina.  Drew loved having them there.

I was THAT mom and cried during one of the songs. Drew was singing and dancing about walking with Jesus.  What overtired, stressed, proud and happy momma wouldn't cry?  

These milestones have come far too soon in our first child's life.  I knew we'd get here someday, I just didn't realize how truly fast the time would go.  I still feel like Drew should be my baby I'm rocking to sleep each night and placing in a crib.  It's just a matter of time before he's off to college and only calling on the weekends.  

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are gearing up for a very happy new year!

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Meghan said...

Omgoodness so precious! He looked so happy too!

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