Trucks, tractors, dinos and more

 Christmas morning is 15 days away. I know this because my nearly four year old is counting down feverishly until he can open all the presents that are wrapped under our tree. What he hasn't come to realize and we've told him one hundred times over is that they aren't all for him. In fact, none of his presents are under the tree, they're hidden in the basement. I thought I'd put together a little list of what our little guy is wanting this holiday season to help out shoppers looking for that little 3-5 year old boy that loves trucks, tractors, wheels and dinos. 

  First up Bruder trucks. These trucks are ginormous in size and Drew actually saw these in a store when we were in Boston and asked if one would fit in our suitcase so he could take it home. Some are a bit pricey but seem super sturdy. We actually purchased him the second one on the list with the crane, but he's dying for the concrete mixer as well. I'm thinking it would be a great birthday gift for him in March. 

Next up, Switch and Go Dino's by V-tech. I absolutely love V-tech toys.  They typically seem to be the ones my kids gravitate towards.  I don't know who the genius is who came up with these dinosaurs, but THANK YOU!  Drew's cousin has a few of these and he loves playing with them when we're at his house, So there will be a couple of them sitting under the tree for him Christmas morning.

Drew is enamored with anything John Deere.  We do live in Iowa so this isn't surprising.  However, he has been asking for a few more tractors.  He actually asked for a real gator to ride around the yard...If you would see our little fenced in backyard you too would be laughing. We barely have enough room for their swing set and outdoor playhouse.  We need some more land if we're going to even consider a child sized gator, NOT an adult gator.  I thought some nice little indoor tractors would be just fine for this John Deere enthusiast.  

The movie Disney Planes recently came out and I think nearly every little boy and girl went to see that movie. I know my son is in love.  The DVD just came out November 19th. They are so many accessories to go with the movie.  I know I'm not huge into character rooms but I've compromised and Drew has Disney Cars sheets and I thought he would love having Planes sheets as well.

Another toy I've heard nothing but great things about is a Marble Run.  The only reason I didn't buy one for Drew this year was because of Kate.  Even though we watch them constantly I would be terrified she would put one in her mouth.  I think this will be a purchase we make next year when Kate is a little older and not putting every single thing straight in to her mouth.

Drew started preschool this year and it really sparked his curiosity about everyday life and learning.  He's started to tell time and I thought this clock would be a great gift for those little ones that are starting to learn numbers and time.

Play-Doh is always a huge hit in our house with both Drew and Kate.  When you combined Play-Doh and trucks it's a double win. 

Drew has this Play-Doh excavator and absolutely loves it!  I would highly recommend it for any little boy or girl that loves Play-Doh and machinery.  

I hope everyone is having a very happy and safe holiday season.  Cheers to you and yours!

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