Family pictures

  On a sunny afternoon one Sunday our dear friend and photographer, Amy Doerring took time away from her editing and took our latest family pictures.  She called and said the light was perfect, the weather was cooperating, we are in Iowa after all and the kids were in good moods.  It was a perfect equation to take our Christmas card pictures and a few pictures of th kiddos.

Amy has photographed the kiddos since they were in my belly and she was there just hours after they were born.  Amy is not only my photographer, she is my dear friend.  She has the inheritant ability to capture my children's personalities that no one else can.  She gets me and what I like in a photograph to be displayed on my wall, and as a mom that is immeasurable.  Amy has a simple and classic style and that's why I absolutely love having her images in my home.  

For this shoot we met Amy at a local park where the leaves were starting to turn.  Amy then started to work her magic. 

I posted the middle of our Christmas card back in December.  We did a folded card with four different pictures.  This was the front of our card, totally idicitive of our season of life.  A little crazy and upside down, but we're loving our little family and our life we've built.

We played around in the leaves and Amy captured some fun shots.

Kate decided to steal a kiss from Ruby.

After we were done in the leaves we moved on to just shooting the kids.  The entire shoot took maybe an hour.  We also moved locations and did a quick outfit change.

Is he really just three?  He looks like he's posing for a senior pictures.

Be still my heart.  My sweet baby girl is getting so big.

In all the craziness of our life right now, it's such a treat to slow down and look at Amy's work.  She captures my family at this very special time of life that passes in the blink of an eye.  During the day to day grind I don't realize just how fast my babies are growing. Seeing these pictures blows my mind just how big they are getting.  We are so blessed to call Amy not only our photographer, but our friend.

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