Our summer

This summer is already half over and I simply can't believe it!  It's flown by so fast!  It feels like it should still be Easter and we should still be looking forward to spring concerts and the last day of school.

With that being said we've accomplished a lot this summer and had a lot of fun. We started out the summer with VBS at our church. I volunteered to be one of the preschool leaders. Both Drew and Kate were supposed to be in my class but since we had an abundance of kids and the kindergarten had so few, he joined the kindergarten and did a great job and had a wonderful time.  

After VBS we traveled to the Wisconsin Dells for Brendan's business meeting.  The kids were so excited for the big, huge, enormous waterpark we were going to. We stayed at Kalahari and it was a great place for families.  It has both an indoor and outdoor waterpark, an indoor theme park and tons of activities around the area for families.  

We went to the Tommy Bartlett water ski show and the kids loved the skiers.  The one place I would highly recommend eating if you have any train enthusiasts in your house is Buffalo Phil's.  The train brings you your food and drinks and keeps the kids entertain for your entire stay.   It was a hit with our kids. 

We took the Duck Boat Tour while in the Dells and it was a fun tour.  The tour guide was pretty funny and Drew rode shotgun.  The whole tour lasts about an hour and was well worth the admission fee.

After we got back from the Dells, Drew and I turned around and left for Disney the very next evening.  Once we got back   from our little trip it was time to relax and enjoy our backyard and nice weather. We've been enjoying our big blow up pool this year.  The kids have insisted on taking their floats in the 2 feet of water.

The kids started swim lessons with Drew's teacher from last summer.  I say kids as in Drew has a lesson, Kate wears her suit and eats a snack on the edge of the pool and claims to want a lesson.  When it's her turn she cries like I'm the worst mother in the world.  So she has the fashion part down, swimming, not so much.  

Drew went fishing at a local fishing Derby in June and caught his first fish!  He was so proud!  Geez, he looks way too grown up!

We headed to Brendan's hometown for the 4th of July and spent some time with his family. Drew and Kate love playing with their cousins and this year was no different.  They loved the parade, Drew danced the whole time and got a ton a goodies handed to him for his slick dance moves. 

Brendan met up with some friends to watch the World Cup and I took the kids to the carnival in downtown Clear Lake. The kids decided they wanted to ride the train.  I tried my best to bribe them with cookies not to but I couldn't talk them out of it.  I'm not a fan of rides that are taken down and set up week after week but this one was a tiny little thing so I wasn't sick to my stomach. No roller coasters at fairs for my kids.  Their mom is crazy and thinks the ride will fall apart.

Lastly, Brendan took me on a day date to celebrate me turning 32 years old on July 8th.  
We had a great day shopping, having lunch and and just enjoying each other's company.  That evening we got together with my mom, stepdad, my older sister and her brood. We had ice cream sundaes and played our favorite family pastime, SPUD. I had a wonderful birthday and felt very loved and celebrated.

This summer is half way over and we've accomplished quite a lot.  We've had a great time enjoying our travels and time here at home.  We are looking forward to the rest of the summer and the memories that it has to offer. 

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