Things I am loving...

Since my last post was ubber short I thought I was show you some things I am simply loving these days!!!
Obviously, my hubby. I fall more madly in love with him each day.

Beautiful wedding photography Super cute shirt from Gap
Propel fitness water, I just can't get enough!
Outdoor furtniture from Pottery Barn! Oh and anything green!
The smell of spring
Our niece and all her diva tendencies at the age of 2
Our nephew and his love for super heros!
Grey's! Need I say more!
White kitchens, so sleek & clean
Watermelon! I have been known to eat a whole one in a single sitting!

1 comment:

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Hello, love! I didn't know you had a personal blog on here too! Joy! Now I can stalk you better :) And, I love all the things you love...except maybe your husband.

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