Year One Experience

This past weekend B & I traveled to Atlanta to attend the Year One Experience. My Step-brother is a photographer for the company and each year they rent out the Atlants Road course for this show. It was also Padre's (my dad's) birthday so we did some celebrating with him and got to see some amazing cars along the way!

Saturday night we ate at Ninja Steakhouse, and it was amazing! I have never been disappointed at a hibachi grill before and this time was no different. They sang to Padre, and made him wear this hat, and they put the picture on their b-day wall! W e started referring to him as Ninja Bill!!

Ninja Bill & Ninja Margie!

Stuffed to the brim and a little burnt from that long day outside in the Atlnata sun. The southern sun and my fair skin don't mix very well! Yes I even had 30 sunscreen on!

Getting ready to ride in the race cars. This show was on a road track and you could ride with instructors from the Skip Barber racing school.

Yep, we even had to wear helmets. The cars went up around 130mph.

B & I rode in Porsche Caymen's and Padre rode in a Trans AM from the 1970's, fully restored and had 440 horse power!! It could smoke our porsche's!

The Year One cars that were also going around the track. Our ride was 3 laps and the Year One cars has to follow the Porsche's because the Year One drivers weren't as experienced as the Skip Barber instructors.

The burn out contest. Some guy proposed to his girlfriend before it started. One car had blue and green smoke coming from his tires.

Hanging out at the car show.

B & I starting to get a little burnt....

My feet got burnt the worst and I now have a lovely farmers tan!

1966 Mustang, just like B's.

A sweet Cobra, the guys friend told him that "chicks dig cars like his!" I thought to myself, dude I'm married and you're old enough to be my father, or grandfather!
This car was awesome, the doors swung open the opposite way, and the paint job was amazing. The hood and trunk had Spider Man graphics on them. Although my nephew loves Spider Man, I think it could have done without them!
The hood of the car
The 1955 Bel Air that won the show. It had full cream leather interior. I'm talking floor boards, and trunk! It was a sweet car!

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mrs.leah.maria said...

It looks like you had a great time! Those cars are to die for.

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