A sad memorial day...

Yesterday was a sad day for my family, we lost my one and only uncle Steve to the horrrible awful disease of lung cancer. Uncle Steve fought this disease with a relentless and selfless attitude, and sadly Sunday night he passed in his sleep. Although we may have all known what the undeniable fate may be, we thought we would have more time with him. Once again, you never know how truly short and precious life can be. It's never easy losing someone but he was only 60 years old and my mom's only brother.

This afternoon I called my grandparents to tell them I was coming home, and although I know B & I are grieving, I can't imagine how it must feel out living one of your children. My heart broke when I called them, and I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but that didn't last but a second. Our family is doing surpisingly well considering. We will all greatly miss Uncle Steve.

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Living the Happily Ever After said...

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.((Hugs))

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