Sex and the City, the movie (spoliers)

Oh what a fabulous Sunday evening I had. My friend Madalyn and I went to see SATC the movie while our husbands went to Indiana Jones. First, I will start by saying that they said Indiana Jones was great, but all that meant was blah, blah, blah, in my eyes. I was so excited to go see this movie and was not disappointed once it was over.
I am going to recap the movie, so if you have yet to see, stop reading and check out some older posts of mine.

The movie once again was absolutely amazing, it met all of my expexctations. Being the avid Sex and the City fan, (I own all 6 seasons, as well as the books) I had set my standards pretty high for this movie, and those standards were exceeded by far!!

The movie starts three years from where the show left off, recaping the finale where Big goes to Paris to get Carrie, Charlotte and Harry find out they are going to adopt a baby girl from China, Miranda and Steve move to Brooklyn while Samantha and Smith are happy together in NYC. We find that Carrie and Big are buying a place and want to move in together. Although the closet is small, Big says he will build her a better one. Oh buy doe he!! They decide to get married and Big gets cold feet and leaves Carrie at the alter in her stunning Vivian Westwood gown....
Samantha and Smith have moved to L.A, but Samantha comes back to NYC as much as possible. She is now dedicated to managing his careerand lusting after the sexy next door neighbor. She ends up breaking up with Smith and moving back to NYC.

Charlotte and Harry have an adorable daughter named Lily that repeats everything. Charlotte finds out she pregnant and gives birth to a daughter named Rose.
Miranda finds out that Steve has had sex with another woman and intends to divorce Steve before deciding to go to counseling and they reconcile on the Brooklyn bridge.
Carrie ends up forgiving Big and they go to the courthouse and get married.
All the girls end up living happily ever after!! Great movie! If you haven't seen it, GO!!!


mrs.leah.maria said...

Crap - I skipped to the fabulous pictures and didn't read the spoiler alert! I gave a couple audible gasps, but I'm pretty sure I will not see this movie in the next year or two, so it's okay lol.

Chelsea and Brian said...

Tag, you're it! Check my blog for details!

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